Residential Spaces

How do you want to live?

  • 128Kirkham-11.jpg

    Baker's Delight

    Gourmet appliances along with baking and coffee stations provide for wholesome comforts.

  • 128Kirkham-11.jpg

    Kentfield Contemporary

    Clean lined and contemporary warmed up with white oak and classic Calacatta

  • 128Kirkham-11.jpg

    Peacock Gap

    A classic combination of blue and white render this space timelessly transitional.

  • 128Kirkham-11.jpg

    San Francisco Sunset

    White and bright combines with natural elements for a serene San Francisco Sunset Neighborhood experience.

  • 128Kirkham-11.jpg

    Sausalito Stunner

    A natural palette and clean lines pair for cozy contemporary.

  • 128Kirkham-11.jpg

    Waterfront Wonder

    Beach-inspired hues combine in a tranquil yet functional bayside setting.